Our Services​

Retreat Nourishment

It’s no surprise that food and drink play an important role in a retreat. Our bespoke nourishment offering is a chance to immerse the guests into another realm. Exceeding just catering, we facilitate the whole experience; budget control, purchasing, preparation, service, and cleaning. A carefully selected meal plan will be created to support the dietary requirements and occasion. Our intention is to keep your group feeling grounded, energized, and fulfilled.

The Alegría Experience

Are you looking for that extra zing to really wow your dinner party guests? Let us captivate them! Our fully-hosted, conscious dining experience consists of our in-house chef, expert bartender, and attentive service team, taking care of every detail. We will provide the food, carefully-curated drinks, table service, and ensure your glasses are topped up throughout your experience, all with a spotless kitchen on departure. Our fool-proof dinner party is hassle-free and you can enjoy your experience without lifting a finger.

Pop Up Dining

Keep an eye out for conceptual dining events showcasing local talent. Multi-course farm-to-table culinary journeys set up in beautiful, remote locations. 

Boutique Meal Plan

On the go and want to stay well-nourished? Do you wish to spend your vacation enjoying yourself with no desire to cook or clean? Then let our team of chefs do the hard work. Our sustainably packaged and consciously made food can be freshly delivered to you each week.

Why Choose Us

We put our heart and soul into creating beautiful vibrant food that tastes just as good as it looks. Customer-focused and accommodating, we endeavor to understand your vision and bring it to life. We offer a truly unique service encompassed with convenience and sustenance led directly to you by an experienced team of professionals. We take care of all the quintessential details so you don’t have to. As our mission stands, we aim to ensure all our diners are satisfied with top-quality ingredients that are locally sourced and to ensure we as a team along with our guests are doing our bit to support the environment and give back.


Private Chef & Catering Service Costa Rica