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Nosara, Costa Rica


Welcome to Alegría. A dining service founded in the picturesque Central American country of Costa Rica. We use food and drink as a means to nourish the mind and body, to re-connect with nature, and create occasions to unite people and celebrate the art of gastronomy.

Alegria Dining Foods

What we do?

We offer a solution for a more sustainable dining. Need to hire private chef or bartender? Looking for nourishment for a retreat or catering for groups? We got you covered! Our high vibe, low impact menus are lovingly crafted using produce that is, fresh, local, and organic. We avoid the use of any artificial sweeteners and preservatives ensuring each taste leaves a lasting impression.  .

Farm to table

We aim to devise a responsible approach to bridge a gap from the farm to table, developing positive relationships with our partners, and boosting the local economy. We contribute our part to sustainability, by sourcing locally, limiting plastic use, and implementing a strategy for effective waste management including the cleaning supplies we use and how we package our products.
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Demand quality, not just in the products you consume, but in the life of the person who made it.

Dining Nosara

Experience Alegría

We believe that food and drink are so much more than simply fuel for our bodies. A kitchen is often referred to as the ‘heart of the home’, and the act of cooking, serving, and sharing is where people truly connect and everlasting memories are formed. A take on the Spanish word ‘Joy’, Alegría Dining aspires to be the ultimate occasion to come together, socialize and unite, making room for more joy in our lives. By being more joyful a ripple effect happens, we are more likely to give back to others and be more present and engaging. We have a deeper sense of contentment allowing us to move forward and live a healthier and more nourishing lifestyle which in turn benefits those around us; our families, workplaces, schools, our communities and even society at large.



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